Student Support Network (SSN)

The Student Support Network consists of representatives from various departments on campus that work closely with students. The SSN meets regularly during the academic year to confidentially discuss intervention with those students who appear to be experiencing difficulties. Problems students encounter are diverse, and include poor academic performance, adjustment issues, health problems, emotional issues, disruptive behavior in the classroom or residence halls, financial difficulties, encounters with Campus Safety regarding drug use or other infractions of campus policy, and family concerns.

Mission Statement

The function and purpose of the SSN is:

  • To intervene as early as possible with students experiencing difficulty
  • To assure that students at risk or who are experiencing difficulty are aware of the resources available to them to help resolve their specific issues or concerns
  • To encourage students to take greater responsibility for the education by helping them recognize both their independence and their interdependence in the campus community

More specifically, the SSN was formed to do the following:

  • To facilitate exchange of information about students who are, in some way, at risk. During meetings, individuals with information about a specific student share it with the group. When appropriate the group will solicit further information from other staff/faculty at the College.
  • To determine what type of follow-up is appropriate for each individual, and who will be responsible. This is normally affected by asking a member of the group to have further conversations with the student.
  • As a group, to discuss issues and policies that are able to be generalized, and to discuss better ways the college might address such issues.

Representatives of the following departments are part of SSN meetings:

  • Office of Student Accessibility
  • Associate Dean of CAS
  • Campus Living
  • Campus Safety
  • Case Management
  • College Advising Center – Convener
  • Counseling Service
  • Financial Aid
  • Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement
  • International Students & Scholars
  • Physical Education & Athletics
  • Registrar
  • Student Financial Services
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Wellness & Health Promotion


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