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Student Health Service

General Information

The Student Health Service provides services to all enrolled undergraduate, graduate and law students living on or off campus. Each student must have a Comprehensive Health and Disability Report form filed with the Student Health Service. This form is available on campus at the Student Health Service or online by clicking the link above. 

Services provided include:
  • Evaluation and treatment of illness and injury.
  • Physical exams.
  • Women’s health examinations, STI testing, pregnancy screening, birth control counseling and supplies (including the morning-after pill).
  • Dietitian counseling.
  • Travel medicine consultation and vaccinations. Information and advice on health risks in developing countries.
  • Routine vaccinations and allergy injections.
  • Laboratory testing.
  • Referral to off campus medical providers and specialists.
  • After hours nurse consultation service is available at 1-800-607-5501. Calls are taken from 4 PM to 8 AM Monday - Friday and 24 hrs. a day on weekends and holidays.

Fees are charged for medications, vaccinations, dietitian consultations, laboratory tests and some medical procedures. There is no charge for office visits and consultations.  Check with your insurance company to see about possible reimbursement, as Lewis & Clark charges may not be covered under plan.  Student Health does not bill insurance companies but will provide a receipt for services.


All contacts between the patient and Student Health Service are considered confidential and are not released without the student’s written consent.

Mandatory insurance coverage

During the academic school year, all undergraduate and law students are required to enroll in the College sponsored health insurance plan unless, they complete the online waiver showing proof of insurance coverage. Graduate students may enroll in the insurance on a voluntary basis.