New Students - Arranging for Accommodations

Transfer and incoming students should schedule initial intake meetings for housing, support animals, and parking exemption accommodations after mid-June and you have created your Lewis & Clark account, which will establish your L&C email and also create your WebAdvisor User ID.  You will also be required to access your Lewis & Clark email account.  Once you have created your L&C account, SSS staff can help you set up your accommodations.  Appointments to set up academic accommodations should be made after mid-August.

You are welcome to schedule an informational meeting between now and then. We look forward to working with you!

Notice Regarding COVID-19: Lewis & Clark College is committed to supporting those students who are at higher risk of developing severe illness from COVID-19. Persons with underlying health conditions and individuals who are immunocompromised are among the groups at increased risk of more serious illness. If you are considered to be a person at increased risk and need to take extra precautions due to COVID-19, please schedule an appointment with Student Support Services staff to discuss your academic needs.


How do I set up accommodations?

What accommodations are available at Lewis & Clark?

What is my role in getting the accommodations I need?

I’ve just set up my accommodations with SSS. Now what?


How Do I Set Up Accommodations?

1. Contact Student Support Services (SSS) to Schedule an Initial Appointment. 

  • Click the link below to schedule an appointment.  You may also visit our office in Albany Quadrangle, call 503-768-7192, or email to schedule an appointment.   
  • During your initial appointment, you and an SSS Staff Member will have an interactive discussion about your own experience of disability, past use of accommodations, adaptive strategies and devices, etc.  This meeting may include the review of your documentation.
  • Law and Graduate students, you will also start the process in our office, and we will talk you through the procedure from there.

Make an Appointment

2. Submit Your Documentation

  • Documentation may include educational or medical records from a qualified licensed professional (i.e. doctor, therapist, psychoeducational testing).  Submitted reports and assessments created by health care providers, school psychologists, teachers, or the educational system are all appropriate forms of documentation. 
  • Your documentation may include information from a qualified licensed professional that addresses your 1. current functioning, 2. diagnosis, and 3. recommendations for appropriate accommodations.
  • We look for recent documentation (dated within the last five years).  If you have older, relevant documentation, submit it so we can discuss it with you. We may ask that you obtain updated testing in order to get a clear picture of your current abilities and challenges. 
  • Your documentation may be provided before, during, or after your initial appointment. Transfer and incoming students can upload documentation starting mid-June for the upcoming academic year.
  • If you do not have documentation, we can discuss this further during your initial appointment.

Complete Intake Form - Submit Documentation

3. Determining Reasonable Accommodations

  • When determining reasonable accommodations, we consider a variety of information, including our interview/meeting with you, your documentation, recommendations from other professionals, etc. 
  • Substitution of the World Language requirement as an accommodation is determined by the results of psychoeducational testing.  We generally look for at least two areas of weakness that affect foreign language learning, with at least a 15-point discrepancy between cognitive index scores and academic standard scores, or a difference of at least 30 percentile.  Come talk to us if you have questions about this.
  • Accommodations are not active until you complete an Accommodations Agreement with SSS.

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Available Accommodations

Depending upon your specific needs, we can set up a variety of accommodations in the classroom, in campus living, and on campus in general.  For a list of commonly-used accommodations, click here.

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Your Role

Your active involvement is necessary for helping us provide you with the best accommodations possible for your particular needs. Please don’t be shy about checking back with us if you ask for assistance and it doesn’t seem to be coming quickly enough.

It is also important to have frequent and open communication with your professors.  They will appreciate talking with you directly about how things are going for you in class.  If you would like some guidance on how to talk with your professors about your accommodations please arrange an appointment with an SSS Staff Member.

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I’ve just set up my accommodations with SSS. Now what?

Please click here to visit our “Current Students” page to send your Accommodations Letter and request other approved accommodations.

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