Exam Request Form


Important Information to Schedule In-Person Final Exams

Online exams will be proctored by your professor. Contact your professor regarding accommodations for your final exams.

Please schedule in-person (paper copies) of final exams by April 25. 2021.  This will allow our office time to implement COVID restrictions and space limitations to safely proctor final exams.

Deadline Note: Due to COVID restrictions and scheduling, if you do not schedule your in-person final exams by Noon on April 28 we will not be able to proctor your final exam(s) and your exam will be taken with the class.

Scheduling exam instructions for students with time and a half.

Scheduling exam instructions for students with double time.

CAS Registrar Final Exam Schedule

Click here to schedule your final exam(s) (only fill out this form if you are scheduling space for in-person proctoring. Wait to fill out this form until you verify with your professor your exam will be given in-person (paper copy) and not online.)

General Exam Information with Changes Made for Spring 2021

  • Carolin Thompson is our exam proctor.  Exam-related questions may be sent to access@lclark.edu or call 503-768-7192 during business hours starting January 19, 2021.

  • Spring 2021 Exam Proctoring Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 4:00 pm.  If your exam falls outside these hours, talk with your professor for an alternate time.

  • Spring 2021-The Testing Center will be limited to 10 students at one time (maximum capacity is typically 18).  Masks need to be worn at all times.  
  • Spring 2021-We will be proctoring in-person exams starting January 19, 2021. Accommodations for Classes with ONLINE Exams will be administered by the professor and the exam may be taken at other spaces on campus.  Here are suggested quiet locations located on campus to take your online exam.
  • Exam reservations are not processed on weekends.

  • Exams must be made 3-5 days in advance.  Spring 2021 Covid 19 Update: There will be no same day exam reservations. Exam reservations must be made with our office by Noon the day before an exam will be administered in class. If this final deadline is not met, we will be unable to proctor your exam.  At this point, you will need to test with your class, possibly without accommodations, if the professor is unable to provide the space and time needed.

  • Exams must begin the same day/time as your class unless you have professor approval to take it at an alternate time.

  • If you are unable to fill out the following form online please email access@lclark.edu the following information to schedule your exam: your first and last name; exam date and start time; your start time if different than the class start time; professor first and last name; course name and number; and length of the exam. 

  • If you are cancelling an exam reservation with our office please email access@lclark.edu at least two hours before your exam start time.
  • If you are rescheduling a previously submitted exam request form, please email access@lclark.edu the updated time and date you are rescheduling the exam only.  Do not fill out another online exam request form.

 Schedule your exam  (only fill out this form if you are scheduling space for in person proctoring.)

***Please Note*** Exam reservations are not processed on weekends.