Note Taking Services

Peer Note Taking

Historically, Student Support Services (SSS) has recruited volunteer note takers for students needing notes. These peers are enrolled in the classes in which a student requests a note taker, and delivers notes either via email or in paper form on a weekly basis (or more frequently when needed).

Emailed notes are more convenient, but require the note taker to know the name and email address of the student recipient. This can be an issue if the student wishes to remain anonymous to their note taker. Paper notes can be anonymous, but are not as convenient as it requires a weekly visit by both the note taker and student recipient to deliver and collect notes, respectively, from a secure area in SSS.

Sonocent - new for 2019!

Student Support Services has recently partnered with Sonocent, an online note taking software application. Sonocent allows a student to take a secure digital recording of class lectures and create notes from the recordings. The main advantage to Sonocent is that it allows the notes to be created by students themselves without the need to wait for a note delivery. 

Beginning this fall (2019), students who qualify for note taking services will have the opportunity to take advantage of this additional resource. Peer note taking will still be provided as an option, but Sonocent will also be available for those who are interested. 

As a faculty member with students who may qualify for note taking services, please keep an eye out for an email from our department with more information very soon!