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Student Support Services

On Campus Resources

We are happy to work with you on effective study strategies, test-taking skills, and curriculum planning that fits your learning style.  Just contact us in Student Support Services to schedule an appointment.  You should also try the resources listed below.

These resources are free and available to ANY Lewis & Clark student: 
  • Tutoring - Managed by the College Advising Center, SAAB Tutoring is a free peer-to-peer tutoring program for all students at L&C. Tutoring is a useful and informal way to study for a test, ask questions about homework, review notes, or practice your skills. Students are eligible to receive two hours of tutoring per course each week. 

  • Symbolic and Quantitative Resource Center (SQRC) - Located in JR Howard Hall, on the first level.  Several tutors available for help with math, computer science, economics, chemistry, and physics, as well as any other course with a quantitative component such as statistics and quantitative research methods. Drop-in hours available every day and at many different times.

  • Keck Interactive Learning Center - provides drop-in assistance for all languages taught on campus.
  • Physics Help Center - located in Olin lounge.  Call department for hours.

  • Chemistry Help Center - located in Olin lounge.  Call department for hours.

  • Counseling Services - located in the basement of Templeton.  Wide range of services and information available; check their website!

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