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College Outdoors

College is all about reaching new heights and going on adventures, and the Pacific Northwest is full of places to explore outside the city limits.

Let us do all the planning and provide the gear: your job is to show up ready for adventure. College Outdoors offers trips for everyone from newbies to experienced adventurers, ranging from one day to one week long. We provide access to the spectacular outdoor environments of the Pacific Northwest and beyond through organized activities including cross-country skiing, backpacking, whitewater sports, sea kayaking, and hiking. 

There’s more to College Outdoors than just trips. Their robust leadership program provides a structured way to build skills that apply indoors and out. 90% of students go on at least one College Outdoors trip.

In the City

Portlanders love any excuse to be outside, even when they’re sticking close to home.

In the Region

The Pacific Northwest contains some of the most spectacular and well-maintained scenic areas in the United States. 

In the Snow

Ski or snowboard? Mount Hood is just an hour away from Portland. Among the ski areas on the mountain, Timberline has the longest ski season in America—and Ski Bowl is the largest night skiing venue in the country. For information on all the major ski areas in Oregon, visit Ski Oregon


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