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Academic English Studies

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The Academic English Studies Program at Lewis & Clark is an English as a second language program for low-intermediate to advanced international students who want to improve their English proficiency:

  • Before beginning an undergraduate or graduate program at Lewis & Clark or elsewhere in the United States.
  • To increase options for their job or career.
  • And learn about US culture during a study abroad experience.
  • For professional development.

Admission Requirements

  • You must be 17 years of age or older;
  • You must have completed secondary school (high school);
  • You must have had two years of secondary or university level English language study;
  • You must have a B or 80% grade point average or equivalent on both secondary and university transcripts, and on transcripts and grade reports from other intensive English programs.  You must also have a history of strong attendance in all terms.


How Do I Apply?


#1  Complete this form: Click here for the Academic English Studies Application Form

#2 Email these documents:

  • A copy of your high school transcript, or if you have attended university, a copy of your university transcript.
  • If your transcripts do not list two years of English courses,  you may send proficiency test results.  If you do not have proficiency test results, we will send you a writing exercise to complete.
  • A bank statement from your home bank account or from your family or sponsor, and a signed Certificate of Financial Responsibility.
  • A copy of your passport.


  • There is no application fee.
  • If you are from Rwanda and would like to apply for the Dallaire Scholarship, please refer to the Dallaire Application Page.
  • You may be asked to complete a writing sample to further determine academic readiness.
  • Do you plan to apply for both the English and the undergraduate program?  In this case, you must fill out the undergraduate application. Here is a link to the on-line application: Undergraduate Application


Mail: 0615 SW Palatine Hill Road, MSC 125, Portland, OR 97219 USA.

FAX:  503-768-7210


If you cannot apply on-line:

Paper Application (PDF)

To request more information from AES, click here.