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AES Scholarship for English Study

AES-Beca para estudiar ingles

AES Scholarship for students from South/Central Americas and Mexico

Credit: Copyright, Steve Hambuchen

Get a $1000 tuition scholarship!

AES awards three scholarships each semester of $1000 for one full semester of English courses (fall or spring (16 weeks) or full summer semester (12 weeks).

Scholarship Application Deadlines

For Fall 2019: May 15, 2019

For Spring 2020:  October 15, 2019

For Summer 2020:  February 15, 2020

Application Requirements

To be considered for a $1000 tuition scholarship, students must:

  • Be a citizen of any country in South America, Central America, or Mexico
  • Have completed high school by the time of planned study in AES (Students and career professionals are eligible.)
  • Meet the admission requirements for AES, including certification of ability to cover other costs
  • Provide transcripts or evidence of two years of English study at the high school level or beyond
  • Plan to study for at least one semester: fall or spring - 16 weeks; summer - 12 weeks
  • Current AES students are not eligible for this scholarship

  Submit the following items by the application deadline for the semester you are applying for:

  1. AES Application
  2. Scholarship application-Complete all items below and email to
  • Essay: explain how the scholarship will contribute to your English learning goals. The essay should be a minimum of 250 words.
  • Recommendation letter from a former or present teacher or a professional colleague. The letter must be in English. The recommendation must explain why you are deserving of the scholarship.
Additional Requirement

If you receive the scholarship, you must agree to actively participate in AES on campus and in the Portland community by, for example, giving a presentation on your country.  Additionally, you agree to promote AES in your home country by giving presentations at local schools or community forums.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to apply to get the scholarship?

Yes, you must complete the application, which requires a copy of your high school transcript, or if you have attended university, a copy of your university transcript. If your transcripts do not list two years of English courses,  you may send proficiency test results.  If you do not have proficiency test results, we will send you a writing exercise to complete. Include a bank statement from your home bank account or from your family or sponsor, and a signed Certificate of Financial Responsibility*. Also, include a copy of your passport.

 *Students need to show approximately $13,000 USD on their financial statement for one semester (12 - 16 weeks) of study. This amount shows ability to cover tuition, housing, and other costs such as food, living expenses, and books.  Actual costs will vary depending on housing arrangements (campus, off campus, home stay).


If I am awarded the scholarship, do I receive it in US dollars?

The scholarship will be given to you as a tuition discount on your AES/Lewis & Clark student account bill. You pay your tuition fees when you arrive on campus and are registered in classes.


How many and what kind of presentations do I have to do while in the U.S.?

You only need to do one presentation, but you are welcome to do more if there are opportunities. Presentations are in the community or on campus should be about your country.  This can be at a local club or school, or as a presentation on campus to Lewis & Clark or AES students. This is an opportunity to practice public speaking, so you must be willing to speak to a small audience. We recommend students bring small items from their country to represent the culture and history as part of your presentation (flags, post cards, DVD/youtube, small gift items for hosts).


Do you help with the visa application?

We send you information on how to apply for the student visa at your local U.S. Embassy or Consulate.  We answer questions you might have to aid you in the process.