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Academic English Studies

Career Professionals


Career Professionals attend AES courses to improve language skills through engaging and challenging academic topics.  AES courses will help you develop writing and speaking skills while increasing your English knowledge and vocabulary in content-based English courses.  Increase your understanding of American culture and the cultures of your classmates!

Past content course topics at the Advanced level have included:

  • Leadership and Organizations

  • Sociology

  • Test Strategies (IELTS, iBT)

  • Service Learning (Volunteerism)

  • Civil Rights History of the U.S.

  • Movies and American Cultures

  • Looking Critically: Images and Art

  • Media Studies

  • The Language of Math

  • Legal Language

Author and AES Workshop Presenter Naomi Benaron and student Dida NibagwireAuthor and AES Workshop Presenter Naomi Benaron and student Dida Nibagwire

Study with AES and be a member of our Lewis & Clark campus community.  All students have access to our libraries, award-winning green buildings and athletic facilities.  There are computer labs for you to use for research and completing your assignments; the most popular is the Interactive Learning Center, close to the AES office.  All students have access to technology support through the Information Technology Department at Lewis & Clark.