Romeo Umulisa


The first recipient of this scholarship in 2006-07 was Romeo Umulisa, a young man active in issues of human rights and reconciliation in Rwanda.  Romeo was involved with the Rwanda Cinema Centre in Kigali, writing and directing documentary films on the 1994 genocide and other human rights concerns, as well as promoting reconciliation in schools through film and other educational projects. 

Update:  March, 2013 - The one year that I spent at Lewis & Clark College was for me one of the most memorable of my life not only because I got to meet and share my life with wonderful people, teachers and students alike, but most importantly because I was given at the opportunity to build something that has shaped my life today, something that has helped me build a career, a dream and a future.  My gratitude goes to the entire committee of the Dallaire Scholarship, and most importantly to my friend Michael Graham whom I am proud to call a brother today. I can never return the equivalent of your hard work that you did to get this started and keep it going today. But as a fruit of that hard work, I will make sure it is never forgotten, because you have made a difference in so many people’s lives.  All I can say is keep up the good work and thank you again.

Update:  Romeo has completed his university degree and currently serves as Creative Director for Lycamedia Creative Communications, as well as the Director and Art Director of the Rwanda Film Festival.  He has worked throughout Europe and Africa.  

Update, September 2015:  Romeo became a father on 9/3/15.  Has established his own company and works both in Germany and Rwanda.  From a recent email he tells us: 

My company, Lycamedia Africa Ltd, does great branding, marketing and design, we’re off and online with all of our services, so for your next venture do think of me and also of course, give it as reference to your friend and share with colleagues and so on,…”