Fabrice Sibomana

Fabrice Sibomana

Fabrice earned his Bachelor’s degree in journalism and communication from the National University in Rwanda (NUR), along the way focusing his efforts on human rights outreach, making notable initiatives through media, both in journalism and radio.

While an undergraduate, he interned at ISANGO STAR radio, and earned a reputation as not simply a journalist, but a human rights activist advocating for equal rights for everyone, mutual respect and understanding.

As a journalist, he wrote for Family Magazine, focusing on family conflict, gender issues, and the promotion of the rights of women and children. For a number of years, he also hosted an entertainment show on the National Radio, youth branch – 90.7 Magic FM. With these two tools of the media, he attempted to bring root causes of the conflicts to the surface so that policy makers formulate solutions.

After his graduation from NUR, Fabric competed training at the Africa Digital Media Academy. His goal is to connect his digital media skills with his journalism and communication background to be an independent journalist, producing documentaries on human rights issues.

Fabrice has been a radio DJ, an entertainer, a journalist, and in each of these roles, and a strong and thoughtful communicator and advocate for human rights, particularly for those who have been marginalized and who face continuing abuse in Rwanda.