Rafiki Gasarasi

Rafiki Gasarasi received the Dallaire Scholarship in 2008-09. In his youth, Rafiki had been arrested and detained in the Democratic Republic of Congo with his family for more than ten months because of difficulties between DRC and Rwanda. In Rwanda he was later a member of Youth Crime Watch of Rwanda. He has worked on HIV/AIDS issues in Rwanda, and hopes to continue contributing to his community on his return to Rwanda, perhaps after graduate study. 

Update,  March 2014:  I am now working for a very interesting firm that keeps me busy on one hand; on the other hand, it teaches me much.  As the fruit of my efforts, last July I was promoted to a senior level. I am now a senior System Administrator in PwC.

What makes me like my job is not only the way I learn everyday, but also that it allows me as a staff member to continue assisting people in need.  All PwC firms are involved in their local communities through a vast range of projects, from supporting youth education and leadership programs, to helping social entrepreneurs and local charities. This is a core part of our culture, and we regularly contribute our time, skills and resources.

In 2013 I was part of a team that assisted in the renovation of a widow’s house which was partially destroyed, and now she is back in her house. During the same year our country received more than 9,818 people who were expelled by Tanzania.  I was part of a team that represented our firm during the trip to one of the refugee camps, where we assisted them with clothes.  I’m looking forward to contributing more in this kind of activities.

Update, September 2015:  Rafiki took the lead in the 2015-16 Dallaire Scholarship Selection Subcommittee work on the ground in Kigali.