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Academic English Studies

Viviane Gakire Kabeho


The 2007-08 recipient was Viviane Gakire Kabeho.  She completed her bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Administration from the National University of Rwanda.  She worked with the Center for Conflict Management pursuing peace, tolerance, prevention and peaceful settlement of conflicts in Rwanda.  After her return to Rwanda, Viviane accepted a position as a Local Government Program Analyst for the Rwandan Prime Minister’s Cabinet.  

Update,  November, 2011 - Viviane received her MBA from Oklahoma Christian University in 2011.  She returned to her job as an Analyst in the Rwandan Prime Minister’s Office in Kigali.

Update,  March, 2013 -  I have changed positions and have a new job. It is with an international organization called AWEPA, as a European Parliamentarian for Africa.  I will be working in very close relations with the Rwanda Parliament in the planning process, implementation and evaluation of their activities.

Editor’s note: “AWEPA works in cooperation with African Parliaments to strengthen parliamentary democracy in Africa, to keep Africa high on the political agenda in Europe and to facilitate African-European Parliamentary dialogue. AWEPA’s overall objective is to support the realisation of human rights and development in Africa via strengthening democratic institutions. With the help of parliamentarians and elected officials worldwide, AWEPA actively supports human resource development and institutional capacity building within parliaments made up of decentralised authorities.”