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Academic English Studies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • at Lewis & Clark

    Summer English Program for ages 15 - 17

Who are the teachers and hosts of the Academy at Lewis & Clark?  Meet Laura and Susan

Will someone meet me at the airport?  Yes, you tell us your flight information, and Laura, Susan, and our program assistants will meet you at the security gate at Portland International Airport.  You will see our sign for Education USA Academy.  We will also drive you to the Portland airport and will accompany you to the security gate on the last day when you leave. Portland has a small airport and it is easy to navigate.  Here is a link to information on arriving at Portland airport: Airport Arrival

Can I fly directly to Portland?  Direct international flights come from Tokyo, Amsterdam, Guadalajara, Frankfurt and several Canadian cities.  Many domestic flights connect from Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Many international travelers to Portland first go through customs in those cities.  Let us know your travel plans and we will be sure to watch your connections and track your travels. Make your plans in advance and we can help you prepare for transfers.

Is Portland a safe city?  Yes.  Lewis & Clark is in a quiet, safe neighborhood.  Portland is a small city.  Students will always be chaperoned to ensure their safety.  Forbes Magazine has rated Portland one of the safest cities in the US.

What is the weather like in July? The weather is beautiful in July.  It is usually sunny and warm (average high 27 degrees Celsius).  Evenings are usually cool at an average of 13 degrees Celsius.  In Portland, we dress in “layers.” This means bring short sleeve and summer clothes, but have a light sweater and a rain jacket just in case. 

Will I meet Americans? Yes! Part of the program includes conversation groups with other teens from Portland. You will also meet Americans on the Lewis & Clark campus who are students, staff, and faculty. In addition, you will get to know Americans who will lead and/or participate in our group’s on-campus activities. This includes taking a tour with prospective future Lewis & Clark undergraduates who will visit during Oregon Private Colleges Week. Finally, you will talk to Americans during off-campus activities, including campus visits and fun field trips to the Oregon coast, Timbers soccer game, and more!

“I enjoyed the conversation partners activity, because it forced me to go out of my comfort zone and make new friends.” 

—2016 participant

What do the Academic Workshops cover?  The Academic Workshops review everything involved with applying to universities in the United States.  One major project will be to complete an application and get feedback from actual admissions counselors.