Frequently Asked Questions

Is AES different from other language schools?

Yes, definitely! We know your goal is to improve your English language skills quickly because you want to start your undergraduate or graduate courses and complete your degree as soon as possible.

AES offers two advantages that will help you realize your goal: experience and credit!

English classes for nonnative speakers have been taught at Lewis & Clark for 40 years. The faculty are all highly experienced, hold Master’s degrees in TESL, have lived and taught overseas, and are active and well-regarded in regional and national professional organizations.

Lewis & Clark is unique because it offers academic credit for ESL classes. Students accepted as undergraduates at Lewis & Clark earn up to 24 credits for their work in English that they can apply to their degree program. Transfer of credit to other institutions is determined by the receiving institution.

How soon can I get an I-20?

In most cases, the day you submit all your documents, our Admissions Committee will review your application and, if you are accepted, we will send your I-20 within 48 hours.

The application materials are:

  • A completed application form.
  • A bank statement and Certificate of Financial Guarantee.
  • Copies of transcripts or test results that demonstrate two years of English study. (A written statement may also be requested.)
  • Passport copy.

The application form is on this page.

What is the national makeup in your program?

Of course, this changes every term!

In 2020-2021, AES enrolled students from Bosnia-Herzogovina, Burkina Faso, China, Peru, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Timor-Leste. For statistics on international students at Lewis & Clark, see the Facts & Figures Enrollment Information Page.

What are my housing choices?

Most students share residence halls with American and international undergraduates. AES students are paired with American roommates so they can practice their English outside of class. Single rooms may be available if requested in advance. The Lewis & Clark campus is a safe, beautiful residential campus on a forested hill six miles from downtown Portland, Oregon.

Check out the Campus Living page for more information about the residence halls.

Some international students choose to live with an American host family. If you are interested in a homestay, contact ANDEO.  ANDEO is a nonprofit organization that finds American homes for international students. The monthly fee includes meals.

If you prefer to live off campus, we can provide you with a list of local apartments to get you started on your search.

Do I have to take the TOEFL?

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or any other English proficiency test is not required for admission to AES.

Do you offer free airport pick ups?

We do offer free airport pickups for students living on campus.  Just be sure you let us know your flight arrival information in advance so that we can arrange to have someone to pick you up. You can tell us your flight information on this page. This is part of the individualized attention our students receive!

Can my wife/husband take English classes too?  They have an F2 visa.

Yes, If your spouse wants to learn English full-time or part-time, he or she can study at AES.  F2 visa holders may study part-time.  The part-time student should understand, however, that they will be expected to attend regularly and the same amount of homework as the full-time students.  The application form is here

How much is the tuition?

For details on all charges, click here.

Do you have scholarships?

International students admitted to Lewis & Clark are eligible for scholarship awards that may be applied to their English language study in AES.  Information about the financial aid available to international students is on this page.

The Dallaire Scholarship is available to students from Rwanda for one academic year of English language study. In addition, the Graham Scholarship is available to local Portland metropolitan area high school graduates who are refugees or immigrants. For more information about both scholarships, go to our Dallaire and Graham Scholarships page.

Can I get help with my undergraduate or graduate applications?

Each student is assigned an AES faculty member as an advisor. This advisor will help you with your adjustment to life in the US, any academic counseling you may need, and information and help with university applications.

AES students preparing for graduate school may also seek advise from the Lewis & Clark office of Career Development.  AES students preparing from Graduate School have been accepted to universities throughout the USA. 

Can you put me in touch with a current student?

Yes, of course! Contact us and we will make arrangements.