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Academic English Studies

Future Students

“I really liked the variety of subjects that AES provided every semester. Since I came to AES, I have studied some passages about U.S. law, human evolution, U.S. university systems, debatable issues, psychology, literature, and history. Increased vocabulary from many subjects helped me succeed in the TOEFL and IELTS test.”

Omar Alawajee

About Lewis & Clark

 Lewis & Clark has very strong undergraduate, graduate, and law schools, immersed in the natural environment of the Pacific Northwest.  In fact, the Lewis & Clark campus has been rated one of the most beautiful campuses in the United States.  Take a virtual tour and look at these pictures of the campus; imagine yourself studying here.

While you are enrolled, you will be a member of our campus community.  All students have access to our well-stocked  libraries, award-winning green buildings and outstanding athletic facilities.  All your classrooms are “smart classrooms,” with computers, projectors, internet, and other audio-visual amenities. There are computer labs for you to use for research and completing your assignments; the most popular lab is the Interactive Learning Center, close to the AES office.


Your Academic English Studies Experience

Our students represent the next generation of global thinkers and leaders. As the name implies, the focus of the classes is on academic English so that our students can quickly move to undergraduate and graduate programs at Lewis & Clark or other institutions.

What will you experience while you are with us?  First and foremost, you will begin by studying English through academic content.   In your classes, you will read and discuss a variety of articles that expose you to major assumptions, knowledge, and approaches encountered within the global community.  You will read a wide variety of un-adapted texts and sources, recognize and develop different writing styles and rhetorical patterns, engage in in-depth research, and develop complex analytical and critical problem-solving skills in English. In your classes, you will also learn to use different computer software programs in order to collaborate with your colleagues and to prepare and present your research formally.

Life is not only studying and textbooks, of course.  You will have a wide variety of  opportunities to immerse yourself in the Lewis & Clark and Portland culture.  We will offer you field trips, volunteer opportunities, tours, and activities to meet the people of Portland so that we can learn about you and you can learn about us. 

When you leave Lewis & Clark, we hope you will think of Portland as your first American home!


Airport Pickup

AES provides free airport or hotel pickup for on-campus incoming students before the semester begins. If you arrive in Portland before the arrival and check in date for the semester, make plans to stay in a hotel. Be sure you make reservations before you arrive.

List of Hotels

Airport Pickup Form



There are several great housing options for AES students:

  • On Campus. Many AES students live on campus with American undergraduates. The residence hall rooms all have wireless network access and all halls have lounges, free laundry facilities and kitchens.  Forms for requesting on-campus housing and costs are online, or you can send a request to the AES office at
  • Off Campus. AES students may also rent a house or apartment off-campus.  Rooms in a shared housing situation can start at $600 per month.  A studio or one-bedroom apartment can start at $900, three-bedrooms can start at $1400.  Some single rooms are furnished; most apartments are not furnished.  Utilities may be a separate charge.The AES office has prepared a list of local apartment to get you started with your search.
  • Homestays.  A homestay is a unique opportunity to practice English, learn about U.S. culture and family life and share your own culture. If you are interested in living with a host family, contact ANDEO.  ANDEO is a non-profit organization that finds American homes for international students.   An ANDEO homestay includes a  private room, all meals, easy access to public transportation, airport pickup from Portland International Airport, orientation materials and support from ANDEO staff.  

Wherever you live, it’s good to know that the Lewis & Clark campus is located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.  According to statistics released by the FBI, crime in Portland continues to be low. Forbes and Travel & Leisure have ranked Portland as one of the safest cities in the USA.  


Money and Banking

Most major money transactions in the United States are made by credit card, debit card or check.  Do not carry large amounts of cash.

You will be able to open a checking account and get an ATM/debit card during the first week of the term.  To open an account, you will need your passport and at least one of the following documents:

  • A driver’s license (international or Oregon)
  • A Lewis & Clark student photo ID
  • An Oregon state identification card


What to Bring

Weather in Portland can be hot in the summer and cold and rainy in the winter; bring clothes for both seasons. Students wear informal, casual clothes; both men and women wear blue jeans to class. You may want to bring traditional national clothing from your country to wear at the International Fair in March or on special occasions.

You may want to bring special spices and coffee and tea from your country; the residence halls have small kitchens where you can prepare simple dishes.


Information Inquiry