Next Steps for Admitted AES Students

Get Your F1 Student Visa

Step 1:  Pay the SEVIS Fee and print a receipt. 

  • Take your I-20 to the computer and go to the Student and Exchange Visitor Program SEVIS I-901 Fee page
  • Fill out Form I-901 online, enter the credit card information and submit the form electronically. Print out a receipt.  (For a video instructions on how to fill out this form, click here.)

Step 2:  Call the US Consulate and make an appointment for your visa interview.

Step 3:  Complete DS-160 online. You may need the following documents or information to complete the form:

  • Passport.
  • Travel itinerary, if you have already made travel arrangements.
  • Dates of your last five visits or trips to the United States, if you have previously traveled to the United States. You may also be asked for your international travel history for the past five years. 
  • Résumé or Curriculum Vitae - You may be required to provide information about your current and previous education and work history. 
  • Your I-20.  You will be asked for your SEVIS ID and Lewis & Clark’s address, both of which are on your I-20.  The SEVIS ID is on the top left of the I-20 and Lewis & Clark’s address is:  615 S Palatine Hill Road, Portland, OR 97219.

Step 4:   Interview.   

Take the completed forms with you to the  US Embassy or Consulate when you go to your interview.  The interviewer will need:

  • One passport size photo showing your face without head covering.
  • The receipt for payment of I-901 form.
  • Your passport, valid for at least one year into the future.
  • Your I-20 and letter of admission from AES.
  • Financial support information (bank letter, scholarship letter, or documents showing source of funds).
  • Any additional information you feel will be helpful to obtain your student visa.
  • Tips for your interview.

Keep a copy of every form and document that goes into your interview packet.

Bring these documents with you when you enter the US:

  • Passport (must be valid 6 months after the start of program).
  • I-20 and acceptance letter
  • Financial documents



On Campus:
Off Campus:  Homestay
  • Some international students choose to live with an American host family.  We do not offer homestay services, but if you are interested in a homestay, please contact our office.
Off Campus:  Apartment or House
  • If you arrive before the residence hall move-in date, or before you can move into your apartment, you will need to make reservations at a hotel.  Don’t assume you can find a hotel when you arrive.  



  • Medical Form.  Complete and return the medical form to or
  • Medical Insurance.  If you are covered by your own medical insurance, send proof of coverage to AES. 
  • Eyeglasses & Medicines.  If you wear eyeglases or contact lenses, bring an extra pair.  If you are using medication, bring a supply and a copy of your prescriptions, translated into English.
  • Dental.  Dental (teeth) care in the US is very good, very expensive, and not usually covered by health insurance.  Visit the dentist before you come to the US.
  • Students must have completed Covid vaccinations as required.  Ongoing Covid-19 Protocols for Lewis & Clark



  • Airport pickup form Please send us this information at least a week before your flight.
  • Documents to bring.  Remember to bring your passport and original I-20 document on our first day at Lewis & Clark.