Preparation for Graduate Studies

“I really liked the variety of subjects that AES provided every semester. Since I came to AES, I have studied some passages about U.S. law, human evolution, U.S. university systems, debatable issues, psychology, literature, and history. Increased vocabulary from many subjects helped me succeed in the TOEFL and IELTS test.”

Omar Alawajee 

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Improve your English proficiency for admission to a graduate program.  Most students spend one-to-three semesters increasing their language skills.  AES offers future graduate students:

  • IELTS and TOEFL support
  • Extra time for GRE preparation (this option offered to Advanced level students)
  • An experienced faculty advisor to help with understanding application requirements for graduate programs in the U.S.  Advisors also help with your resume and personal statement. 
  • Challenging coursework designed to assist students in the development of:
    • essential academic language skills;
    • appropriate learning strategies;
    • and different writing styles and rhetorical patterns.

Students engage in in-depth research, read a wide variety of authentic texts and sources, and develop complex analytical and critical problem-solving skills in English.

Are you already admitted to one of Lewis & Clark’s LLM or JD programs or a graduate school elsewhere? Take one semester or a summer term to learn academic skills, strategies, and culture needed for a successful transition into your graduate program.

Success Stories

Dr. Ali Almansour Dr. Ali Almansour
I am thrilled to share that I’ve successfully defended my dissertation and I am graduating this semester and getting my PhD in Instructional Management and Leadership with a concentration in Crisis Management. I am sharing this to show my gratitude and respect for the first place where I grew and learned to achieve this milestone. Thank you so much to the AES department and all my instructors. It was worth it to begin my journey from there. Say hi to all and tell them they will be remembered as the biggest supporters and believers in me.”                                                     

Dr. Ali Almansour (2018-2019)


Sarah Bafiel Sarah Bafiel

“I’m emailing you to let you know that I graduated with a Master degree in Public Health from Missouri State University. I’m writing this because without your program and your efforts, I won’t reach this goal. Thank you so much for everything you taught me during my days with you.”

Sarah Bafiel (2012-13)




Moeko Norota Moeko Norota “I am going to study in the MA program of Second Language Studies at the University of Hawaii. I  successfully received a high score on the TOEFL test and was accepted by the university. AES helped me reach this goal by providing practice in academic reading, writing, and speaking in English. The AES teachers also inspired me to become a passionate and effective English teacher like them.”

Moeko Norota (2014-15)



Noor Alareifi Noor Alareifi
You all helped me to improve my English and thus achieve my academic goal. So, I am writing this email to thank you all for the great experience that I had in your classes. Also, I wanted to tell you that I got my master degree in Strategic Public Relations from the George Washington University with really high GPA and first honor.”
Noor Alareifi (2013-14)