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Academic English Studies

The Academic English Studies program is designed for low-intermediate to advanced learners of English.

The rules for this exercise are:

* complete the assignment without help from any person;
* do not copy any information from another source;
* you may not use a dictionary;
* you have one half-hour to complete your work.

Important: If you copy any information or do not write this yourself (without assistance) you will not be admitted to the Academic English Studies Program or to Lewis & Clark College.


Enter your name, and then write an essay/composition about one of the topics listed below. Please write approximately 250 words. Do not write about both topics. Choose only one topic (#1, OR #2) and write as many paragraphs as possible during one half-hour. You may wish to outline your essay/composition on a piece of paper before you type it.

(Note: When you finish your writing, you must click on the Submit button.):

Choose ONE of the questions below and write as many paragraphs as possible in one half-hour.