May Trips Leadership Application

Let’s get back out there!

Applications are due Sunday, December 6th for first consideration and trip placement. But don’t worry, you won’t be asked to commit to the trip until we send you a trip offer, likely in February.

What are May Trips?

May Trips are similar to New Student Trips (NSTs) in that they are longer trips filled with adventure, new experiences, new friends, and an opportunity to explore the PNW. One difference is that now you don’t have to worry about starting school afterwards, and instead you kick off SUMMER vacation in a fun way!

Because we weren’t able to offer NSTs in 2020, May Trips are exclusively for students who started at LC during 2020-21, and will be a FUN, relaxing, and celebratory way to finish the school year.

Learn more and see the trip options on the May Trips website.

Who can Lead a May Trip?

May trips will be led by current sophomores and juniors, regardless of your status of the “Leadership Ladder.”  Each trip will have 2 leadership positions:

  1. Primary Leaders have significant relevant experience, and function similarly to traditional Trip Leaders (TLs), and are paid a stipend of $65/day.
  2. Secondary Leaders may have less relevant experience, and function like a super Assistant Leader (AL), and are paid a stipend of $55/day

You can apply to either/both positions. Staffing will be done by the Roundtable based on experience and qualifications.

We’d love to have graduating seniors lead trips too, but given that May Trips happen during graduation we don’t expect them to be available. However, we’ll need logistics support, so reach out if you’re graduating but staying around Portland!

What is the time commitment?

Leading a May Trip is a time commitment of 9 days, all paid time:

Saturday, April 3rd: Leadership Training, 9am - 4pm (lunch provided)
Mid April: you choose 1 day (or several smaller chunks of time) for planning with your co-leader, and for your Pre Trip Meeting (PTM)
Friday, May 7th: Trip Prep and Packing (the day after finals end)
Saturday, May 8th - Wednesday, May 12th: Trips in the field

Trip & Meal Prep Info

Unlike in August before NSTs, we know you will be SUPER busy in the days leading up to May Trips. For this reason, you do not have to worry about pulling gear for your trip, meal planning, or grocery shopping. All of that will be done for you by “Sequoia Elves.” Whoohoo!

You will be responsible for some elements of planning your route/trip, which should be done during your chosen prep day in April. You are also responsible for the final packing of your gear and food, which will be done on Friday, May 7th.

Sequoia Elves will also complete any clean-up that doesn’t get finished on the day your trip returns.


If you live on campus during Spring term 2021, you won’t need to move out until the day your trip departs, and we’ll provide a place to store your belongings while on the trip. After the trip, we’ll provide a place to stay for the night of Wednesday, May 12th, which will likely be camping.

Apply Now!

Applications are due Sunday, December 15th for first consideration. Complete the form below, AND a new Health & Diet Questionnaire

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