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College Outdoors

Professional Development Program

The College Outdoors Professional Development Program provides outdoors skills training to members of the Lewis & Clark community who are interested in outdoor leadership. We aim to bring our participants to a high level of self-sufficiency in diverse outdoor environments and a well-rounded understanding of skills involved.

Leader Training Trips:

College Outdoors offers numerous training trips each year with the potential to foster and expand essential skills for an outdoor professional. These trips, in conjunction with volunteering on our regular trips, are a great way to learn about the program and prepare you to apply for a staff position. Trip schedules vary from semester to semester, but our offerings often include:

  • Whitewater Raft Guide Workshop (Fall Break)
  • Map & Compass Clinic
  • Avalanche Safety & Awareness Clinic
  • Swiftwater Rescue Clinic
  • Sea Kayak Skills Clinic
  • Wilderness First Responder Certification and Recertification

Check out our most current schedule of trips or inquire in the office if you have questions about these trips!

Job Search Resource Center

This collection of resources is intended to help you find summer work or longer-term work, undergraduate field studies or graduate programs, outdoor education programs, local groups, skill certification courses or cheap gear for your own skill-building personal trips. Read more about these opportunities here.