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Making your web content shine

Last week, the New Media team hosted two special training sessions for our most frequent editors of the website. In the fall, we’re going to host additional sessions, so stay tuned for more information about those opportunities and get in touch if you want to participate.

Web writing resources

The following handouts, which we shared at the meetings, offer lots of useful information for people working on the Lewis & Clark website. The Web Content Guide and documents for departments and offices provide tips for writing for the web, creating effective navigation, and keeping content fresh.

Web Content Guide (PDF) Tips for Academic Departments (PDF) Tips for Administrative Offices (PDF)

Web best practices

We also encourage you to check out our Web Best Practices page, which provides a quick reference guide for using headers, bold/italic text, and alignment when you’re working on the web.


As always, the new media team would love to hear from you, so send any questions or ideas our way!

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If you have questions about this or any other topic related to your work on the Lewis & Clark website, we want to hear from you! 

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