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Quick Start

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    How to create/edit navigation links

    Log in, go to LiveWhale, click on “Pages” tab, click on “Navigation” sub-link. You are now in the Navigation edit screen.

    How to change your Contact information

    This section is populated by each group’s organization profile. Go to your profiles in the dashboard to edit it.

    How to add Social Media links

    Social Media links can be added in the “related content” area of the group’s organization profile.

  • How to add your event on the Event TV Screens

    Required: Be sure to“Plot your event on the map” for the screens to register the event.

  • How to create a new event

    Log in to LiveWhale through and click on the “Events” tab. You should see a calendar. Click on the blue button next to the “Manage Events” title. It reads: “Add a new event.”

    A popup dialog box appears. If you don’t need a reservation or your space is confirmed, click on the appropriate button.

    You should now be in the “Add a new event” form page. The required fields to fill are Title, Start Date & Time, Location, Summary, Event Description, and Tags.

    To make your event live, choose “Live” in the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner (default is “Hidden”) and click on the “Save this event” button at the bottom of the page.

  • How to edit a page

    Go the page you want to edit, log in by clicking on “Editor Login” at the bottom right of the screen. Once logged in, you’ll see a black bar at the top of the screen with links. This is the Control Panel. 

    To edit the live page (also known as the ”˜front-end’), click on “Edit Page” on the left side of the Control Panel. You’ll see a toolbar.

    — OR —

    Log in to the LiveWhale CMS (also known as the ”˜back-end’) by going to and clicking on the “Pages” tab.

  • How to log in

    Go to the page you want to edit and click on “Editor Login” at the bottom right of the screen.

    — OR —

    Go to this URL:

  • How to get access

    Contact New Media with the email addresses of whoever needs editing access.

LiveWhale Support

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New Media is located in room 123-4 of McAfee on the Undergraduate Campus.



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