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  • Support site update

    WhiteWhale, the makers of our LiveWhale CMS, put a lot of effort into their support site. We honor them by pulling in their content into our support site. Posted January 23, 2015
  • (More) Printer Love

    We’ve rolled out a stylesheet that prints out the essential content. Posted April 17, 2014
  • LiveWhale 1.5 Upgrade Post Issues and Best Practices

    Here are known issues and best practices Posted February 25, 2014
  • What to expect with the next LiveWhale upgrade, Feb 19, 2014

    On Feb 19, we are upgrading our LiveWhale content management system. Here are a few things to expect when you log in on the 20th. Posted February 4, 2014
  • LiveWhale 1.5 update February 19

    This February we will upgrade to the latest version of LiveWhale, 1.5. The exact date is to be determined. Posted December 20, 2013
  • Changes to how events display on campus digital screens

    To have a better chance of promoting your event across campus screens, we’ve cleaned out some old tags, created a special tag in cases where you don’t want to your event to display and increased the number of events. Posted October 31, 2013
  • Why you should never write “click here”

    Morgan and I recently attended the HighEdWeb West conference in Orange, California. We returned to campus with lots of new ideas, but one seemingly tiny thing looms large for me: we’ve got to stop telling our web visitors to “click here.” Posted July 5, 2013
  • Making your web content shine

    Here are some resources for writing for the web, creating effective navigation, and keeping content fresh. Posted May 2, 2013
  • LiveWhale upgraded to 1.4.4

    We upgraded our content management system tonight to the latest-and-greatest version. Lots of new features are available and many more will be rolled out in the coming weeks as we connect the internet tubes. Posted December 12, 2012
  • LiveWhale 1.4.2 upgrade complete

    Last week, as you may have read, we upgraded to the latest version of our LiveWhale content management system, which powers the vast majority of our website. Overall, things went swimmingly, though a few bugs always pop up with upgrading. For instance, we have an issue with checkboxes and radio buttons in new LiveWhale forms. You can be confident, however, that all of these bugs are being squashed one by one. The easiest way to keep track of the efforts is via our t… Posted October 10, 2011

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