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Lewis & Clark College Support Staff Association (LCCSSA)

Detailed Contact Information


President - Heather Gillespie

Contact Info:

Textbook Buyer

College Bookstore, Templeton Student Center, MSC 103
Campus Phone: 503-768-7873

Duties: Preside over the membership of LCCSSA, call meetings, co-ordinate events, coordinate with the College regarding membership issues.

First Vice-President - Tom Stephenson

Contact Info:

Field Technician

IT - Network & Technical Services,Watzek Library, MSC 97
Campus Phone: 503-768-7256

Duties: Fulfills all duties and responsibilities of the President in his/her absence.  Acts as chief steward of local area reps and is involved in training of union officers.

Vice-President for Contract Enforcement – Marilyn Sbardellati  (TEMP)

Contact Info:

Transportation and Parking Program Manager

Facilities Services 102, MSC 109
Campus Phone: 503-768-7857

Duties: Oversee members’ rights according to the contract and labor laws. Handles grievance and arbitration issues.

Vice-President for Communications - Donna Kerr

Contact Info:

Administrative Coordinator
Facilities Services, MSC 76
Campus Phone: 503-768-7845

Duties: Responsible for producing regular publications and public relations for the Union.  Responsible for webpage and Moodle account.

Vice President for Membership Services – Robyn Ward

Contact Info:

Serials and Electronic Resources Specialist

Watzek Library, MSC LIB
E-mail: robynw@lclark,edu
Campus Phone: 503-768-7283

Duties: Oversees membership recruitment program including monitoring and informing about member and employee benefits and programs.

Secretary - Viki Gillespie

Contact Info:

Bookstore Accounts Payable Clerk


Campus Phone: 503-768-7884

Duties: Keeps all non-financial records, takes minutes at meetings and distributes minutes.  Reports on official correspondence the Union has received.

Treasurer - Meg Coryell

Contact Info:

Accounts Payable Clerk

Administrative Specialist
Physical Education & Athletics, MSC 17, Pamplin Sports Center
Campus Phone: 503-768-7546

Duties: Responsible for receipt and distribution of union funds, operates the budget, and makes annual financial reports and deals with the annual audit.



Frank Manor House, McAfee, Facilities, Templeton Student Center

Marilyn Sbardellati

Contact Info:  Transportation and Parking Manager
Transportation & Parking, MSC 109, Facilities Services
Campus Phone: 503-768-7857

Miller, Howard, Evans, Bodine, Bio-Psych, Olin, Fields, Pamplin, Albany - Susan Wynne

Contact Info:  Administrative Coordinator
Academic English Studies, MSC 125, Albany Quadrangle
Campus Phone: 503-768-7310

Watzek Library and Information Technology-

Chel Pennock

Contact Info: Administrative Coordinator


Graduate School of Education and Counseling -
Emily Morin

Contact Info:  Administrative Coordinator
Counseling Psychology
Campus Phone: 503-768-6089

Law School (Gantenbein, Boley Library, Wood Hall) -
Lisa Frenz

Contact Info: Legal Assistant 1
Business Services - Law, MSC 51, Law School
Campus Phone: 503-768-6663

Legal Clinic (downtown) - Adam Geisler

Contact Info: Administrative Coordinator



Law School (LRC) - Vacant/TBD


Campus Safety- Vacant/TBD