Web Editors Guide

In 2021, we conducted a major overhaul of Lewis & Clark’s website, including upgrades to page templates, styles, and global LiveWhale widgets.

Some specific pieces of the project are below:

Emergency Alert

Shows live Emergency Alert blurb from 2021 Web Admin Group or Home: law or Home: Grad, depending on your domain.


The announcement widget shows announcement blurbs from group=me. To show a critical announcement with an orange ! icon, tag it with “critical”.

Vertical Videos

Shows profile type “Vertical Videos” with image at 350 x 622px. Enter the YouTube ID for video, which can be retrieved from the end of the YouTube link. 

Site Footer Image

Shows random image from Footer Images collection in Institution: Visit group, at 767 x 767 px.

Tag with “main footer”, “law footer”, or “grad footer” to show different images.

Sidebar Contact Us

  • Landing pages show profile tagged “contact us” with 100 x 100 px image from group=me
  • Inner pages show Organizational profile type from group=me

Core Pages / Grad / Law

  • Core Landing Hero: shows one random image tagged with “main image” from this group at 1440 x 690 px.

CAS Academic Pages

  • Academic Landing Hero: shows one random image tagged with “main image” from this group, upload 1440 x 1380 image (cropped to 720 x 690 px, appears at 767x362 on widest mobile)
  • Majors and Minors: shows Majors and Minors blurbs from 2021 Web Admin group.
  • Quoted profiles: shows 3 random “homepage profiles” in College:Admission group. Double-click the widget to pull profiles by tag.