• We honor the acclaimed poet and teacher who made Lewis & Clark his academic home.
  • by Kim Stafford
    In conversations at home, my father had a habit of abruptly increasing the voltage by announcing, “Let’s talk recklessly!” This meant tiptoeing in polite banter was done. We were to dig deep, gossip freely about our uncertainties and strange beliefs, and lean forward and tumble into the liveliest possible interchange.
  • Before the War: Poems as They Happened (1971)
    by Doug Erickson, Jeremy Skinner, and Paul Merchant
    The Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission has selected 100 books that best define the state and its people. Authors with ties to Lewis & Clark College are well represented on the list.
  • Over the course of the next year, Lewis & Clark will hold a series of activities and events commemorating the 100th birthday of William Stafford, who was one of the most prolific and important American poets of the last half of the 20th century.
  • A tremendous collaboration underway at Lewis & Clark is producing a collection of invaluable resources for educators, authors, historians, and fans of one of America’s foremost poets.
  • William Stafford was a significant national figure in three overlapping fields. As a poet, he was and is revered by readers around the world; while he was alive he won many honors, including the National Book Award for Traveling through the Dark, and terms as poet laureate of Oregon and of the United States.
  • Christy Hale BA '77, MAT '80
    Christy Hale BA ’77, MAT ’80 perfected many complementary skills at Lewis & Clark as well as at art and design schools—calligraphy, bookbinding, letterpress printing, and typography. She brought these crafts together with her design and illustration expertise when she created a chapbook for poet William Stafford. “His daughter Barbara was my roommate at Lewis & Clark,” she says.