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Lewis & Clark College’s Crisis Management plan provides general all-hazards management guidance, using existing organizations and lines of authority to allow Lewis & Clark to meet its responsibilities before, during, and after an emergency occurs.

Emergency Management Plan

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures Guide (PDF)

Evacuation Assembly Areas

Criminal, Violent, or Suspicious Activity, and Emergency Lockdown, Hostage Situation Guidelines

Emergency Preparation 

Disasters usually strike without warning. They can force neighborhood evacuation or confine you in your home. Your family can be separated. You and your loved ones can be injured. Emergency response workers may not be able to help you if thousands of people are affected at once. In these situations, preparedness and self-reliance become very important.

Are you prepared to survive on your own for at least the first 72 hours following a major disaster such as an earthquake? This guide will help you prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies that threaten the safety of your family. 

Family Disaster Preparedness

Emergency Numbers / Names

First Aid Supplies

Food and Water in an Emergency

Emergency Supplies

Fire Safety

Winter Weather




Securing Your Home

Evacuation Plan

Looking for a Safe Home

Pet Safety

OSHA Wildfire Smoke Protection Training (PDF)