Background Check Policy

Policy Statement

Background checks are conducted for all regular faculty and staff prior to an initial job offer. In certain circumstances, the background checks can be made after a conditional job offer but conditional job offers should not be made without first consulting with the College’s General Counsel or Human Resources.

The level and type of background checks depend on the position. The standard items on all background checks include former employment and references, criminal history, addresses, name, and social security number verifications. Additional information, based on the position may include education degree verification, licensure verification, motor vehicle record check or personal credit history. Education degree verification is checked for all staff positions with a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree or higher. Licensure verification is required for staff positions requiring professional licensing or certification. Motor vehicle record checks are required for any individual (student, staff or faculty) requesting authorization to drive a College vehicle. Personal credit history is required for Executive Officers, technology-related, or finance-related positions. Current staff applying for or being considered for promotion to new positions may be required to undergo the appropriate background checks.

All background checks other than employment verification and employment references may be conducted by an outside provider and the applicant has a right to request a copy of his/her background check results from that provider. Background check results are considered property of the College.


1.   Once the hiring manager identifies the finalist (or finalists if necessary) for a faculty or staff position, the hiring manager notifies Human Resources. This should be done before a job offer is made. If necessary, the hiring manager can discuss making a conditional job offer with Human Resources or General Counsel prior to the background check.

2.   Human Resources will send the finalist an email with a link to the electronic authorization form.

3.   The background check will be initiated as soon as the finalist completes and submits the online authorization form.

4.   Human Resources will notify the hiring manager when the background check is complete. If the background checks reveal questionable or negative results, the applicant will not necessarily be disqualified from the process. The background check information will be shared with the hiring manager/department chair. If Human Resources or the hiring manager believe the candidate should not be considered based on the information received, Human Resources will coordinate a discussion with the hiring manager, the appropriate Executive Officer and General Counsel. Additional information from the applicant may be sought if necessary. The final hiring decision in these circumstances rests with the appropriate Executive Officer and should take into account all available information. All acquired information will be kept confidential and only discussed with College personnel with a business-related need to know.

5.   If an adverse action is taken as a result of the background checks, Human Resources will initiate the legally required notification processes and documentation to the applicant