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President's Letter

President's Letter, Spring-2013

Entrepreneurship and the Liberal Arts

One of the goals in our new strategic plan might simply be referred to as the practical application of the liberal arts. Learning for learning’s sake is at the core of what we do, but we’re also committed to building integrated cocurricular experiences. Each plays a vital role in preparing our students for the world beyond Lewis & Clark.

On Palatine Hill

Leadership and Support

leadership, Spring-2013

Scholarship Recognition Luncheon

On April 16, more than 150 donors, students, faculty, and staff gathered for the annual Scholarship Recognition Luncheon. Student financial aid, including funds for endowed scholarships and annual operating gifts, make the critical difference for 77 percent of Lewis & Clark students.
leadership, Spring-2013

Scholarships Impact Donors and Students

Each of us is where we are today because someone, at some point, reached out to help. Currently in the College of Arts and Sciences, more than 70 percent of students receive some form of financial assistance. And the number of students who need such assistance is growing.
leadership, Spring-2013

Major Gifts and Grants

To sustain and advance its mission, Lewis & Clark depends on transformative gifts and grants from individuals, foundations, corporations, and government programs.

Alumni News


In Memoriam

In Memoriam, Spring-2013

In Memoriam

Honoring alumni, faculty, staff, and friends who have recently passed.
In Memoriam, Profile, Spring-2013

Faculty Remembered

Kristi Williams, associate director of academic advising • Ted Braun, professor emeritus of English • Bill Randall, professor emeritus of chemistry