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Winter 2014

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President's Letter

President's Letter, Winter-2014

Multiple Returns

A Lewis & Clark education creates vital and lifelong networks. That’s the thought I had after reading this issue’s stories about some of the many ways our alumni are expanding opportunities for current students and increasing the reach of Lewis & Clark in the world.

On Palatine Hill

Leadership and Support

leadership, Winter-2014

Tribute to the Late Jack Howard

Photos from Tribute to the Late Jack Howard event.
leadership, Winter-2014

Memorable Faculty Inspire Giving

If there is a recipe for a winning college experience, amazing faculty in and out of the classroom would rank as the key ingredient for most college students. This is certainly true at Lewis & Clark. The influence of dedicated educators often extends far beyond the time students spend in class.
leadership, Winter-2014
Trustee Tom Rasmussen BS '79, Eve Koltuv, President Barry Glassner, and Assistant Professor  of Biology Tamily Weissman-Unni.

New York City Alumni Event

Photos from Alumni Event in New York City.

Alumni News



  • Fun & Games

    David Michael Slater MAT ’94 writes a 1980s coming-of-age story about Jonathan Schwartz’s progress from school to college and adulthood. It’s a “heartbreaking and hilarious story of faith, family secrets, betrayal, and loss—but it’s also a tale of friendship, love, and side-splitting shenanigans.”

    Library Tales Publishing, 2013. 226 pages.

  • Invisible

    Marni Bates BA ’12 pens a young adult novel about a low-key teen who suddenly gains notoriety due to an article she wrote for her high school newspaper. Now her well-ordered life is in upheaval.

    K-Teen, 2013. 288 pages.

  • Wil of God: Embracing the Relentless Love of a Special Child

    Carrie Wilson Link MAT ’92 structures her narrative around the Four Noble Truths of the Buddhist tradition, taking readers on her spiritual journey as a mother of an autistic son with “an endless ability to love.”

    BookBaby, Kindle edition, 2012. 237 pages.

  • Rethinking Elementary Education

    Rethinking Elementary Education, edited by Linda Christensen, director of the Oregon Writing Project at Lewis & Clark, and Dyan Watson, assistant professor of teacher education. The book took gold in the Education category of the Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Awards, which recognize “excellence in independent publishing.”

    Rethinking Schools, 2012. 360 pages.

  • Run Girl Run

    Cynthia Robertson Haden BA ’61, who writes under the name “Robbie Haden,” pens a novel about a runaway teen who heads to Hollywood to make it big but encounters tough realities along the way.

    Balboa Press, 2013. 116 pages.

  • Social Dance and the Modernist Imagination in Interwar Britain

    Rishona Zimring, associate professor of English, brings to light the powerful figurative importance of popular music and dance, both in the aftermath of war and during Britain’s entrance into cosmopolitan modernity and the modernization of gender relations.

    Ashgate Publishing Company, 2013. 229 pages.