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Conferences and Events

On 137 wooded acres in Portland, Lewis & Clark is regularly praised as one of the most beautiful campuses in the United States. We hosts a wide variety of events annually, offering outstanding facilities and amenities to make your business, nonprofit, or social gathering a success.

A historic estate on 137 wooded acres in Portland, our campus is regularly praised as one of the most beautiful in the United States. We’re much more than a pretty place, however.

We offer outstanding facilities and amenities for your social gathering, summer program, or green meeting:

  • Beautiful wedding venues
  • Award-winning green buildings
  • Meeting rooms equipped with A/V and computer technology, Internet access, and pleasing views
  • Extensive athletic facilities and nearby walking trails
  • Affordable and appealing accommodations (in the summer months)
  • A nationally recognized dining and catering service focused on sustainable food production
Guest Testimonials
  • “Your behind-the-scenes organization of all facets of this complex event are very much appreciated.”

  • “You folks went out of your way to help, and I wanted to be sure you know I appreciated it.”

  • “Thank you for all your great work and expertise in making the symposium a big hit. Could not have made it without your help, support, and patience with my last minute-changes and requests.”

  • “Your experience at thinking out the details really shows. Thank you for the expert work!”

  • “Has anyone told you that you rock? Wow, 5-star service!”

  • “I want to tell you how wonderful a job we all think you’re doing! Things are addressed in an extreme timely manner, with the utmost professionalism.”

  • “You constantly exceed my expectations. Thank you for doing such a good job!”

  • “I am grateful for the wonderful care you gave to our group, especially considering all of the other meetings and events you are involved with.”

Book Your Event at Lewis & Clark. We Bring Your Ideas to Life.

We encourage you to visit us and invite you to contact our office for a private showing, so you can experience for yourself the beauty of Lewis & Clark.