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    January 8
    Google has recently updated their calendar interface to enhance the overall user experience and help folks manage their time more efficiently.  
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    September 12
    This summer we’ve refreshed Resource Lab equipment and software.
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    July 30
    Information Technology requests that you please do not upgrade your computer until the operations team has had a chance to work with new versions and validate them with our existing applications.
  • February 25
    Here are known issues and best practices
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    December 20
    This February we will upgrade to the latest version of LiveWhale, 1.5. The exact date is to be determined.
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    November 1
    Every major OS upgrade inevitably brings issues of compatibility. Mavericks and Windows 8.1 are not exceptions. While the decision to upgrade is up to you, please be aware of the following compatibility issues with some of our major supported software.
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    September 4
    Over the Summer, the staff in Instructional Media Services worked on over $500,000 worth of projects. Find out about our new arrivals as well as what’s on the way.
  • October 10
    Last week, as you may have read, we upgraded to the latest version of our LiveWhale content management system, which powers the vast majority of our website. Overall, things went swimmingly, though a few bugs always pop up with upgrading. For instance, we have an issue with checkboxes and radio buttons in new LiveWhale forms. You can be confident, however, that all of these bugs are being squashed one by one. The easiest way to keep track of the efforts is via our t…
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