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    The Board of Trustees has accepted President Glassner’s resignation and has appointed David Ellis, current vice president, secretary and general counsel as interim president, effective immediately.

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Points of Pride


Menu for the Trail Room

  • For January 23, 2017 at 10:39am


    [panini] roasted turkey breast 

    pepperjack, caramelized onions, apple and jalapeno aioli and mixed greens 4.90

    [panini] pit roasted ham 

    smoked gouda cheese, sauteed fennel and leeks, pineapple habanero aioli and spinach 4.90

    [panini] portabella mushroom 

    poblano peppers, onions and sun-dried tomato hummus 4.35 sandwiches contain gluten, dairy and soy

    [comfort] classic macaroni and cheese 

    contains dairy and gluten

    [comfort] sauteed broccoli 

    [comfort] sauteed seasonal vegetables 

    [comfort] french fries 

    contains soy

    [ovens] cheese 

    [ovens] pepperoni 

    contains pork

    [ovens] arugula, yellow squash, tomatoes, red onion, and feta 

    [ovens] salami, artichoke hearts, tomato, and red onion 

    contains pork

    [salad] classic caesar salad 

    contains dairy, gluten, soy, egg, and fish

    [salad] green salad 

    [salad] fresh fruit salad 

    [salad] southwest black bean salad 

    [salad] pasta salad with sundried tomatoes, roasted peppers, and parsley vinegar dressing 

    contains gluten

    [kettles] beef and bean 

    contains dairy and gluten

    [kettles] cheesy mushroom and rice 

    contains dairy and gluten

    [kettles] brown rice 

    [kettles] fava bean stew 

    toppings fried shallots and pickled peppers 3.35