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    Attention Faculty and Students: If you haven’t already done so, please complete the Culturally Engaging Campus Environments survey by Dec. 9.

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Points of Pride


Menu for the Trail Room

  • For December 5, 2016 at 1:47am


    [panini] turkey 

    with swiss cheese, jalapeno pesto aioli, sauteed fennel and leeks and mixed greens 4.90

    [panini] ham 

    with pepperjack cheese, pickles, dijon aioli, caramelized onions and arugula 4.90

    [panini] portabella mushrooms 

    poblano peppers, sauteed onions, provolone cheese, sriracha aioli and spinach 4.35 sandwiches contain gluten, dairy and soy

    [hand crafted pizza] pepperoni 

    [hand crafted pizza] cheese 

    [hand crafted pizza] pepperoni, salami, green peppers, red onions and black olives 

    [hand crafted pizza] spinach, roasted red peppers, portabella mushrooms and parmesan 

    [hand crafted pizza] artichokes, roma tomatoes, garlic and green onions 

    pizza contains gluten and dairy 3.05

    [grill] chile cheeseburger 

    served with a small side contains gluten, soy and dairy 6.50

    [comfort] classic macaroni and cheese 

    contains gluten and dairy

    [comfort] sauteed broccoli 

    [comfort] sauteed cauliflower and green beans 


    [comfort] fries 

    contains soy 2.05

    [greens] caesar salad 

    contains gluten, dairy, fish and egg

    [greens] fruit salad 

    [greens] quinoa salad with italian dressing 

    contains gluten

    [greens] mixed green salad with raspberry vinaigrette 

    [greens] pasta salad with italian dressing 

    contains gluten 1.95/2.95/3.95