Points of Pride

Save the Māui Dolphins: Earthrise Legal Fellow Delivers Oral Argument

Alum argues in the Court of International Trade to protect 57 remaining Māui dolphins.

One L&C Champion - Kerry Rowand

As the Executive Assistant to the Dean of the Law School, Kerry Rowand is used to juggling many projects while supporting the ever-changing needs of students, staff, and faculty.

Reaching the Moon Thanks to Physics, Theatre, Math, and Dance

The supportive liberal arts community Ben Kolligs BA ’18 found at L&C provided him opportunities to discover his passion in robotics and to advance his career, even before he graduated. Next up, graduate studies in robotics at Carnegie Mellon University!

The Ramos Project: Justice for Unjust Convictions

The Criminal Justice Reform Clinic works to eliminate the impact of Oregon’s non-unanimous jury rule by providing legal assistance to people with post-conviction relief cases based on Ramos v. Louisiana, the U.S. Supreme Court’s case striking down non-unanimous jury convictions in criminal cases.

First-gen Student-athlete is UCLA Bound

Jordan Gonzalez BA ’21 is this year’s winner of the Rena J. Ratte Award, Lewis & Clark’s highest academic honor. This fall, Gonzalez will begin a five-year PhD program in chemistry at the University of California at Los Angeles.

One L&C Champion - John Hancock

John is motivated by the opportunity to help all students be successful at L&C, and works to ensure that their education will be transformative. John’s impact on our students is just one of the many reasons we have selected John Hancock as an L&C Champion for the month of June.

Alum Recognized for her Work with Immigrant Taxpayers

Rebecca Richman,’19, who tragically passed away in the fall of 2019, was recognized in a Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) story for her work helping immigrant families while a clinic student with the Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC).

Liberty and Justice, After All

A victim of extraordinary injustice himself, Calvin Duncan pursued an unjust law for others, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, and won. Now he’s a first-year student at Lewis & Clark Law School.

One L&C Champion - Stacey Kim

Stacey Kim, Director of Marketing and Communications, has been helping her colleagues navigate this new working world while making an extra effort to provide support on a personal level.

Poetic Justice

The Oregon Writing Project brings educators together to build antiracist curriculum and transform their own teaching expertise into scholarly research.

Professor Lisa Benjamin’s New Book Looks at Corporations’ Responses to Climate Change

Professor Lisa Benjamin recently published a book about the interaction between climate action and corporate law.

One L&C Champion - Meg Marshall

Meg’s drive to build and strengthen the relationships in the Lewis & Clark community is one of the many reasons we’ve selected her as an L&C Champion for the month of May.