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Points of Pride

  • Image preview July 28, 2017
    Each week in June and July, students in the John S. Rogers Research Program present their original findings in front of peers and faculty at the Science Brown Bags. The program is designed to prepare students for careers in science by facilitating student-faculty collaboration on research projects.
  • Image preview July 13, 2017
    When members of an organization give and make their place of work a principal recipient of their philanthropy, it speaks volumes. This year it is my great pleasure to present the honor roll of campus donors. Your philanthropy makes the terrific things we do better. It makes the amazing education our students receive better. It is meaningful in a unique and personal way—because you see and feel the needs, the successes, the setbacks, the flaws, and the greatness…and you give. Thank you!
  • Image preview June 30, 2017
    The Physics and Astronomy Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) has chosen Associate Professor Shannon T. O’Leary as the 2017 recipient of their Mentor Award. This annual award recognizes a professor for their exemplary work with undergraduate student researchers.
  • Image preview June 20, 2017
    On June 1st, students in alumnus Jason Miller’s Portland History class took part in a walk-about performance highlighting how annexation and city policy/ investments in east Portland have affected their community.
  • Image preview June 12, 2017
    Student-athlete Katie Kowal BA ’17, winner of Lewis & Clark’s highest academic honor—the Rena Ratte Award—earned degrees in both physics and political science. As the Boulder, Colorado, native heads off to begin a two-year fellowship at the Science and Technology Policy Institute, Katie shares some of her favorite and formative Lewis & Clark memories.