Ombuds Office

Confidential | Informal | Impartial | Independent

It’s pretty common to have a time when you wish you could talk about a campus-related concern with someone who is neutral, can help you get some perspective, and can help you generate and weigh a range of options. The Ombuds Office is a confidential and informal place where you voluntarily can do just that, whether you’re faculty, student, staff, or parent. When you talk to the Ombuds about a situation, you’re not putting the College on notice, and the ombuds isn’t authorized to conduct investigations. But you will get ideas about the options you might try for your particular situation.

In providing ombuds services, we don’t take sides in a situation. The ombudsperson you work with is committed to supporting fair process and open communication, and advocates for that rather than the specific people involved.

As you may not have tried a service such as this before, it’s natural that you might feel a little nervous before you call to set up an appointment. Call us anyway, and give yourself the chance to collaborate on something you just haven’t been able to work through effectively on your own.