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Lewis & Clark is located in the lush hills of South Portland, the city’s “sixth quadrant.” But our beautiful campus isn’t the entire story—our location offers something that most other liberal arts colleges do not: an ideal setting in a vibrant, progressive city with endless networking, entertainment, and cultural resources.

From Portland you have access to so many different landscapes, and for someone like me who craves adventure, it’s super exciting. I’ve also never been to a place that takes its desserts so seriously, but I have had some of the best ice cream in my life here in Portland!

Juan Carlos Archila BA ’21
Chicago, Illinois
More about Juan Carlos

My favorite thing about living in Portland is that it is such an active city. There are local events going on all the time, and everyone is outdoors enjoying the beautiful Northwest.

Ben Beecroft
Hong Kong and San Francisco, California
More about Ben

I love that I am able to live in a city, but also in a neighborhood and forest all at the same time.

Grace Ralston BA ’21
Spokane, Washington
More about Grace

Portland is a city that supports broad passions and provides diverse opportunities: visual and performing arts supported by a strong DIY-culture; activists and allies; tech companies and corporate headquarters; entrepreneurs, foodies, sustainability advocates; and many, many more. As a student, you will get direct access to the city and all it offers.

Our academics are also closely connected with the city. The Connect-Portland (PDX) designation is given to courses highlighting the experiential, experimental, and inquiry-based learning that is derived from our location.

No matter where you’re from or where you end up, once you arrive at Lewis & Clark, you’ll be a Portlander for life.

Pioneer Express


The Pioneer Express is L&C’s free shuttle, taking students the six miles to the heart of a city that the New York Times calls, “hard to resist” and “one of our national capitals of cool.”

L&C student eating at a food cart in downtown Portland.


Portland has 500+ food carts, including multiple cart pods in downtown Portland.

L&C students in front of Powell?s Books.


Powell’s Books is the world’s biggest independent bookstore. 

Sunset on the Oregon coast.

2 hours

It’s just a 2 hour drive to get to a mountain, beach, or desert.

Portland Thorns game.


Portland has three professional sports teams: the Trail Blazers, the Timbers, and the Thorns (pictured). 

Bikes on campus.


Portland has 315 miles of bike pathways (and LC has bike rentals on campus!).