Pio Express Services

Students boarding the Pioneer Express, a free shuttle that goes downtown.

Lewis & Clark College has free shuttle services designed to help students, staff, and faculty travel between campus, downtown, and connect to other public transportation options. Airport shuttle service is offered at the start and end of semesters, and during Thanksgiving and spring break. The shuttle does not operate during the summer session.

Pioneer Express downtown shuttle detailed timetable and stop locations:

Shuttle Questions

For any concerns, lost items, or scheduling inquiries please call EcoShuttle directly at 503-548-4480. For additional information on shuttle routes follow @PioExpress on Twitter!

TriMet line 39 continues to operate regular schedule from Monday to Friday. Check the TriMet website for more information.

Shuttle Route

  • The Pioneer Express route travels to downtown via Barbur at the beginning of its route until 3 p.m., picking up Macadam/South Waterfront/East Side commuters prior to coming up to campus.

  • The Pioneer Express then travels to downtown via Macadam in the afternoon beginning at 3 p.m., dropping off Macadam/South Waterfront/East Side commuters prior to going downtown.

  • Beginning after 7 p.m. the shuttle then travels downtown via Barbur, stop at Fred Meyer, but will NOT make the loop to South Waterfront.

About the SW Broadway and Hall stop near Shattuck Hall at PSU stop:

The SW Broadway and Hall stop near Shattuck Hall at PSU is the main downtown stop for the Pioneer Express. This location has several advantages:

  • it is one of the most heavily traveled streets in downtown
  • it is a safer, more populated location - particularly in the evenings and on weekends
  • one block from the Max line with connecting service to the entire Max system
  • one block from the Streetcar line and direct access to Trimet bus service

About the Macadam/South Waterfront stops:

  • intended to serve residents in the Macadam/South Waterfront area as well as East Side commuters using transit or bicycling over the Tilikum, Ross Island or Sellwood Bridge
  • there will be one timed stop and one flagstop in South Waterfront
  • there are several flagstops along Macadam and one timed stop at Zupan’s grocery store, see the schedule for details
  • the Zupan’s stop on the way to campus is located at the store’s south (last) driveway exit onto Taylors Ferry. From campus to downtown it is at the bus stop at Macadam & Nevada (north bound)

Inclement Weather

If Lewis & Clark is delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather, scheduled shuttle service will be adjusted accordingly. Please refer to the online schedule and/or the shuttle tracker or the website in the event of inclement weather.