Electric Vehicles

The purpose of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure on the Lewis & Clark property is to charge the institution’s electric fleet vehicles and to provide the campus community with access to charging stations at each Lewis & Clark school in an effort to promote campus sustainability. The charging stations are not intended to be the sole source or primary source of vehicle charging for campus community members.

These terms define the valid use of electric vehicle charging stations by employees, students, and visitors parking in the Lewis & Clark lots. This procedure is not a guarantee of availability of charging stations at Lewis & Clark facilities.


Very basic level II charging stations are available in the following locations:

  • Holmes Hall, CAS
  • Sequoia, Graduate School
  • McCarty Classroom (beneath the solar carport), Law School
  • Between Evans and Fir Acres buildings, CAS

Charging and Parking

  1. Electric vehicle charging is currently free; this is a privilege.  
  2. An electric vehicle must be actively charging while parked in the charging station stall.
  3. Electric vehicle charging is limited two hours per day and in the charging station stalls only.
  4. Employees, students, or visitors parking beyond the 2-hour limit may have their cars ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense.
  5. Fossil fuel burning-vehicles parked in the EV parking stall will be cited for a reserved space violation.


An electric vehicle charging station is an element of transportation infrastructure that supplies electric energy for the recharging of all-electric cars and plug-in hybrids by Lewis & Clark community members and its visitors.

General Terms

  1. EV owners using the charging stations at Lewis & Clark hereby release, waive and discharge Lewis & Clark from any and all claims, resulting in property damage or personal injury, as a result of using the charging equipment.
  2. Lewis & Clark has no obligation nor does it guarantee current or future provision of charging stations.
  3. Employees, students and visitors shall contact the Transportation & Parking office, register their EV or otherwise make their contact information available to Transportation & Parking enforcement.
  4. Employees, students and visitors shall maintain a current, valid parking pass when using charging infrastructure.
  5. Departments with electric vehicles shall have their staff contact Transportation & Parking regarding training for regular use.
  6. Electric vehicle owners are not permitted to charge their vehicles on interior or exterior outlets other than the designated charging stations.