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  • <div class="hero_caption hero" data-hero-image="/live/image/gid/482/width/1600/height/470/crop/1/71704_2017bsu.jpg"><h4>This Photo:</h4> 2017 BSU graduation.</div><img class="hero_image_placeholder" src="/live/image/gid/482/width/1600/height/470/crop/1/71704_2017bsu.rev.1523038851.jpg" alt="Hero image"/>
  • Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

    Lewis & Clark College honors the liberal arts tradition as a learning community committed to diversity and inclusion. The Office of the Dean of Equity and Inclusion educates, advocates, promotes, and engages the Lewis & Clark community in diversity, equity and inclusion to foster and support a multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-identity college community where all feel challenged to venture from their comfort zone, feeling supported and a part of the college community, as they grow and learn.

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