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Your Audience Awaits

Lewis & Clark is a great place to get creative. Whether you’re a maker, an audience member, a behind-the-scenes collaborator, or some of each, opportunities abound for you in the fine arts. Our conservatory-caliber faculty will train you to live your dream as a working artist, or nurture your desire to grow as an artist while pursuing other life paths. With over 70 percent of our students involved in the arts during their time at L&C, we promise: there’s a place for your ideas and your voice here.

Get to Know Us

  • Devin Owen BA ’14

    shares the most important thing he learned at Lewis & Clark.
  • Professors Kathy FitzGibbon and Rebecca Lingafelter

    share why studying the Arts@LC is an engaging, collaborative experience for any major.
    Logo for Arts@LC
  • Professor Kathy FitzGibbon

    gives us an idea of what to expect at one of the annual (Anti)Valentine’s concerts.
    Portrait of Professor Kathy FitzGibbon

Explore More

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    WalletHub listed Portland as the “Best Foodie City in America.”

  • 90%

    Ninety percent of Lewis & Clark undergraduates participate in at least one College Outdoors trip.

  • 96%

    Within six months of graduation, 96% of the Lewis & Clark Classes of 2018–2022 were already changing the world through employment (76%), continuing studies (19%), and service work (1%), like the Peace Corps.

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