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A welcoming community. A stunning campus. Challenging, collaborative academics. Easy access to vibrant Portland, Oregon. 29 majors and 32 minors that all prepare you for career success. Overseas study around the world. Why wouldn’t you apply to Lewis & Clark? Our Early Decision/Early Action deadline is November 1. Start your application today!

Get to Know Us

  • Quentin Gaul BA ’22

    shares how she’s involved on campus.
  • Blake Ashby BA ’20

    talks about why he loves the art department.
  • Branden Gill BA ’25

    talks about why L&C is distinctive in its location and community.
    Branden Gill BA ?25

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  • 29+32

    Lewis & Clark offers 29 majors and 32 minors.

  • 96%

    Within six months of graduation, 96% of the Lewis & Clark Class of 2020 was already changing the world through employment (72%) and continuing studies (24%).

  • Top 100

    Lewis & Clark is in the top 100 on U.S. News and World Report’s “Best National Liberal Arts Colleges” list. 

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