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  • Our students describe us as
    • <p> <a href="">diverse</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="">creative</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="">curious</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="/programs/college_outdoors/">outdoorsy</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="">engaged</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="">unique</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="">inclusive</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="">adventurous</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="">cultural</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="">beautiful</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="/live/news/32716-religious-studies-professor-wins-prestigious">intellectual</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="">a strong community</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="">involved</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="">collaborative</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="/live/news/28020-the-power-of-a-transformative-idea">transformative</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="/about/sustainability/">green</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="/live/news/32373-isabel-ball-ba-15-wins-prestigious-luce">intelligent</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="/live/news/32474-inspirational-alum-named-to-forbes-30-under-30">inspiring</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="">quirky</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="">full of opportunities</a></p>
    • <p> <a href="">ambitious</a></p>
  • Sure, we’re proud of the honors and awards that we’ve received. But our biggest brag points are our academic programs—which will challenge and inspire you—and our community, which will welcome you with open arms.

  • <a href="/live/news/29975-lewis-clark-takes-top-honor-in-princeton"> <div class="square" style="background-image:url(/live/image/gid/584/width/300/height/300/crop/1/ignore_cropper/1/59534_green-square-garden.jpg)"> <h6>Ranked #1 Green College by Princeton Review</h6> </div> </a>
  • <a href="/live/news/32101-lewis-clark-among-top-25-schools-making-an"> <div class="square" style="background-image:url(/live/image/gid/584/width/300/height/300/crop/1/ignore_cropper/1/59534_green-square-garden.jpg)"> <h6>Princeton Review says that an L&C education pays you back</h6> </div> </a>
  • <a href=""> <div class="square" style="background-image:url(/live/image/gid/584/width/300/height/300/crop/1/ignore_cropper/1/59536_purple-square-people.jpg)"> <h6>Video: Young alumna makes art with marginalized youth</h6> </div> </a>
  • <a href=""> <div class="square" style="background-image:url(/live/image/gid/584/width/300/height/300/crop/1/ignore_cropper/1/59536_purple-square-people.jpg)"> <h6>Video: Philosophy can’t be contained in the classroom</h6> </div> </a>
  • <a href=""> <div class="square" style="background-image:url(/live/image/gid/584/width/300/height/300/crop/1/ignore_cropper/1/59536_purple-square-people.jpg)"> <h6>Three sophomores win Student Engagement Scholarships</h6> </div> </a>
  • <a href=""> <div class="square" style="background-image:url(/live/image/gid/584/width/300/height/300/crop/1/ignore_cropper/1/59537_orange-square-map.jpg)"> <h6>Ten Students and Alumni Win Fulbright Awards</h6> </div> </a>
  • Prospective Undergraduate Students

    Learn about your visit options including tour times, interview opportunities, class visits and overnight stays.

    Virtual Tour

    Visiting a campus is an important part of getting to know if a college is right for you. Until you can visit in person, our virtual tour can give you a sense of what it’s like here.

    Group Visits

    Four groups larger than 5 students, please use our Special Group visit request form.

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