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Join us!

A liberal arts degree—in any major—is an excellent way to prepare for life after college. In fact, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the core values of the liberal arts are an exact match with the top five essential career skills: critical thinking, work ethic, teamwork, oral and written communications, and leadership. Plus, a Lewis & Clark education is more affordable than you might think. Why not jump start your career by applying today?

Get to Know Us

  • Jenn Burleton

    gives a brief overview of the TransActive Gender Project.
    Portrait of Jenn Burleton, Founder and director of the TransActive Gender Project.
  • Blake Ashby BA ’20

    talks about why he loves the art department.
  • Branden Gill BA ’25

    talks about why L&C is distinctive in its location and community.
    Branden Gill BA '25

Explore More

  • 90%

    Ninety percent of Lewis & Clark undergraduates participate in at least one College Outdoors trip.

  • 96%

    Within six months of graduation, 96% of the Lewis & Clark Classes of 2018–2020 were already changing the world through employment (78%), continuing studies (16%), and service work (2%), like the Peace Corps.

  • 70%

    70% of our students are involved in the arts.

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