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Lewis & Clark students are the best, and we’re so excited about the amazing incoming class who has committed to joining us this fall. We can’t wait for new students to delve into our incredible academics, experience our commitment to student wellness, get into the groove of the Pacific Northwest lifestyle, and integrate into our warm, welcoming community. Maybe L&C is the place for you, too … how about planning a visit to find out?

Get to Know Us

  • President Holmes-Sullivan

    was inaugurated on October 21, 2022!
    President Robin Holmes-Sullivan
  • Abri Boyd BA ’23

    talks about Pioneer Preview Day.
    Abri Boyd BA '23
  • Emily Clark BA ’22

    tells us how College Outdoors helped her create community here at Lewis & Clark.
    Emily, smiling, standing at a hiking trail in the forest with a large backpack and walking stick.

Explore More

  • Foodie

    WalletHub listed Portland as the “Best Foodie City in America.”

  • 2,188

    As of fall 2022, there are 2,188 degree-seeking students enrolled at Lewis & Clark College.

  • Top 10

    Our chapel has been called one of the most beautiful you’ll ever see on a college campus.

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