Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups that foster inclusion and mutual support. These groups are generally formed around common identities, interests, or backgrounds, and give people who share those identities a space to network, support each other, and build community.

Research supports that ERGs have the potential to foster community, create stronger employee ties to the college, promote engagement with peers, and provide opportunities for professional development and leadership experiences. We believe that when ERGs are employee-created, managed, and supported, they contribute greatly to creating a more welcoming and inclusive work environment. 

In alignment with the L&C strategic plan, ERGs are one strategy toward the goals to:

  • Retain a diverse work community
  • Recognize, celebrate, and support all facets of each individual’s identity
  • Provide opportunities for all members of our community to engage in reflective inquiry and to grow in the areas of inclusivity, respect, cultural curiosity, and cultural humility

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