Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee (TPAC)

The mission of the Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee is to serve as an advisory group to the Vice President of Business and Finance/Treasurer in making recommendations regarding Lewis & Clark transportation and parking issues and policies that are consistent with the following goals:

  • Effective and efficient policies and procedures that are consistent with Lewis & Clark’s Transportation Demand Management Plan in promoting and coordinating transportation alternatives to the single occupant auto;
  • A balanced budget in which revenue meets or exceeds operations and capital costs;
  • Management and utilization of financial resources with the highest efficiency and effectiveness so that the greatest benefits in transportation and parking services are provided for the greatest number of Lewis & Clark Community Members;
  • Convenient, safe, efficient shuttle bus service for the purposes of providing easy access to downtown Portland and connection with TriMet bus service routes serving the greater Portland metropolitan area, so that students, staff, and faculty of Lewis & Clark will have a viable alternative to reliance on single occupant vehicles; and
  • An adequate number of off-street parking spaces to meet the residual parking demand generated by the Lewis & Clark Community (which includes visitors) who do not have reasonable access to transit and shuttle services provided by Tri-Met and/or Lewis & Clark. 

Transportation & Parking Committee Members

  • Kurt Armstrong, Director of Law School Facilities 
  • Rocky Campbell, Assistant Dean of Student Engagement and Executive Director of Career Center
  • Amy Dvorak, Sustainability Director
  • David Ernevad, Associate Vice President for Facilities Services
  • Wendy Finch,  Facilities Operations Coordinator
  • Vanessa Holmgren, Director of Multimedia and Internal Communications
  • Esme Miller, Graduate School, Assistant Director, Research and Assessment
  • Gabe Montez, Parking and Transportation Service Manager
  • Gena Perrine, Director of Graduate School Finance and Operations
  • Sherron Stonecypher, Director of Campus Conferences and Events
  • Chel Pennock, Technology Support Coordinator
  • Stephen Dilk, Law Student
  • Bill Curtis, Director of Emergency Management

Transportation & Parking Committee Members Minutes