Transportation & Parking Regulations

Permission to park or operate a motor vehicle on Lewis & Clark property is governed by these regulations. It is a privilege granted by the College and does not ensure the availability of a parking space. Lewis & Clark has established these transportation and parking regulations to:

  • provide for the protection and safety of the Lewis & Clark community by ensuring emergency access to the campus and its buildings,
  • mitigate parking and traffic congestion in facilitating the College’s pursuit of its academic mission and the life of the surrounding community,
  • comply with traffic reduction requirements mandated by the city of Portland and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality,
  • organize vehicle parking and movement on the Lewis & Clark campus in an efficient, safe manner in accordance with the city of Portland’s conditional use

The College reserves the right to revise the transportation and parking regulations described herein and all associated schedules of fees, fines, and penalties.

Lewis & Clark - Transportation and Parking Regulations

Updated September 28, 2023