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Frequently Asked Questions about institution-wide communications

There are several communication channels to connect with faculty, staff, and students across the institution. Please read through this FAQ and follow the appropriate steps for your communication needs:

  • How do I advertise my business or non-profit to the L&C campus?

    Although The Source does not post press releases or advertisements from off-campus businesses or non-profits, there are a couple of ways to advertise on campus.

    Promotional Posters

    Begin by submitting a poster/ad to our office for approval (mail to Once your promotion materials are approved, you can come to campus and post them on approved general announcement boards around campus.

    Pioneer Log

    You may also consider purchasing ad space in the Pioneer Log student newspaper. For more information, contact


    Lewis & Clark’s Winterim is an opportunity for students to explore entrepreneurship from the ground up during a week-long session over winter break. Working in small teams, students identify a problem, research and develop a solution, and take part in a pitch competition on the final day. Along the way, they are assisted by off-campus leaders and professionals—many of them alumni—who serve as speakers, mentors, and judges.

    Past Winterim sponsors include: AdidasPeople Power, Premier, and Vacasa

    For more information, contact

  • How do I submit an update about my latest achievements?

    Please use the Faculty & Staff Achievement Update Form to send us your achievements.

  • How do I submit an announcement to students?

    Please follow these instructions to request that your event or announcement* be included in communications to students:

    College of Arts and Sciences

    For the college’s news and information site “The Bark” for students, follow the appropriate steps on the contribution page

    Graduate School of Education and Counseling

    For the graduate school’s webpage for current students, follow the appropriate steps on the contribute event/announcement page.

    You may also write to the grad school’s registrar ( to get the event listed the weekly TWAGS (This Week At the Grad School) email.

    Law School

    For the law school’s weekly and daily announcement emails, send your announcement/event to Submissions must include:

    Date, Time, Location
    50 words to describe event- You can include a link to an outside page.

    (Announcements not adhering to the 50 word limit will not be posted until revisions are received.)

    *Please note that these requests cannot include off-campus business solicitation.

  • How do I submit an announcement to faculty only?

    You can target your announcement to the faculty of each school by contacting the dean’s office at each school:

    • College of Arts & Sciences: Debra Richman, executive assistant to the dean of the College, 
    • Graduate School of Education and Counseling: Murray Cizon, executive assistant to the dean of the graduate school,
    • Law School: Rita Martinez, director of faculty services,
  • How do I suggest news and events to The Source via LiveWhale?

    If you are a staff or faculty member with a LiveWhale account:

    1. Log into LiveWhale.           
    2. Go to Manage Your Content and click on News or Events. You can either “add a new story” or “add a new event,” or open existing news and event items to edit them.
    3. Ensure you’ve included all important details and contact information.
    4. At the bottom of the screen, use the “suggest this item” field. Enter Inst: Source.
    5. When you hit “Save this story” at the bottom of the page, The Source editorial desk will be automatically alerted about your submission.
    6. All submissions sent by 10 a.m. on Friday will be considered for the weekly promotional email sent every Monday to all faculty and staff. 
    7. For more information about LiveWhale, visit New Media’s FAQ page.

    If you do not have LiveWhale access:

    Please send all institution-wide announcements, events, and story ideas to:

  • What’s currently showing on the campus event screens?

    See a “live” version of what’s showing up on the flatscreen digital TV screens on the undergraduatelaw, and graduate campuses.

    PLEASE NOTE: Screens rotate approximately 20 upcoming events. As a result, the number of campus events on the calendar will determine when your event appears on the screens.

    How to add your event on the Digital Screen

    Log in to LiveWhale through and click on the “Events” tab. Click on the blue button next to the “Manage Events” title. It reads: “Add a new event.”

    A popup dialog box appears. If you don’t need a reservation or your space is confirmed, click on the appropriate button.

    You should now be in the “Add a new event” form page. The required fields to fill are:

    • Title
    • Start Date & Time (Please do not recycle/reuse past events by using old content and just updating the calendar and time – your event will not update or function properly site-wide.)
    • Location
    • Summary
    • Event Description
    • Groups: Fill in the appropriate campus locations in the grey box titled “Suggest this event to the following group(s)”:
        • “College: Student Life” (sends your event to undergraduate campus screens)
        • “Grad: Student Life” (sends your event to graduate campus screens)
        • “Law: Student Life” (sends your event to law campus screens)

    To make your event live, choose “Live” in the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner (default is “Hidden”) and click on the “Save this event” button at the bottom of the page.

    For more information about LiveWhale, visit New Media’s FAQ page.

  • How do I promote an event that’s happening on campus?

    There are many resources and channels available to help the Lewis & Clark community publicize events. Here are some ideas to get you started:

    Lewis & Clark website and external publicity

    Post your event to the calendar in LiveWhale, Lewis & Clark’s content management system:

    1. Make sure you’ve included all the important details: date, time, location, place (“pin” your event on the map), title, description (a few sentences to a paragraph of information), cost (please tell us if it’s free), and contact information.
    2. Make sure you include a relevant photo.
    3. Make sure it’s tagged “open to the public.”
    4. Make sure it’s plotted on the map under “Places” to post on the digital signage (Note: If you do not want your event on the screens, tag the item “no-screens” in the Tag section”).
    5. Suggest it to “Home: Events” 

    Once posted, it will be considered for:

    • Featured events listing on our homepage (NOTE: Must include photo)
    • Distribution to local media/reporters (NOTE: We send information 4-5 weeks in advance to meet deadlines. They make the selection; we cannot guarantee inclusion.)
    • Paid events ads in the OregonianWillamette Week, and Lake Oswego Review (NOTE: These ads are prepared as much as 5 weeks in advance.)
    • Lewis & Clark featured events email (sign up)
    • Promotion on Facebook and/or Twitter

    For more information on the various forms of external publicity and tips on how to write about your event, see Marketing Events: The Basics.

    If you do not have LiveWhale access

    Follow this Quick Start Guide or contact the New Media team. 

    Other resources

    Event planners can spread the word about their campus events through the mailings, flyers, posters, collaborations with community groups or nonprofits in the area, and targeted email messages to groups on and off campus.

    If you have questions about event promotion, feel free to contact the PR team ( Each event is different, so you should plan to set up a meeting or discuss via email what specific steps the PR team can take to support you. Please be aware that the less notice you give the PR staff, the less they can do to help you.

    Go to Working With Events for helpful tips on using LiveWhale to promote events.

    See your event on campus video screens

    If you followed steps one through five (above), you may see a “live” version of what’s showing up on the flatscreen digital TV screens on the undergraduatelaw, and graduate campuses. NOTE: Screens rotate approximately 20 upcoming events. As a result, the number of campus events on the calendar will determine when your event appears on the screen.

    Share your announcement with students 

    You may request that your information be included in the daily or weekly emails that are distributed to students by emailing your announcement to the appropriate contact at each school:

    (Please note that these emails cannot include business solicitation.)