Presidential News

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Dr. Robin Holmes-Sullivan is lewis & Clark's 26th president.

An Update on Strategic Planning

When the Lewis & Clark community comes together, our strength is unparalleled. Now is the time for us to look ahead and think about how we can best shape our future for continued success. Last semester institutional leadership began developing a new strategic plan and, with the help of a growing circle of faculty and staff, we have made good headway. We are now looking for wider participation in the process.

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Dr. Robin Holmes-Sullivan

OPINION: Our college students are struggling emotionally. We need to understand how to help them.

An opinion piece by President Holmes-Sullivan featured in The Hechinger Report examines how building resilience, the ability to rebound from setbacks, can help set students up for success.

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   It is about building community and connection across all three of our schools, President Holmes-Sullivan Sd.

Staff Salon Builds Connection Across All Three Schools

This academic year, President Holmes-Sullivan is hosting a series of open-house-style staff salons at her home to build cross-campus connections and foster community.

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October Board of Trustees Meeting Summary

The Board of Trustees met on campus October 19–20. It was the Board’s first meeting with Paula Hayes BS ’92 as board chair, and also the first meeting with new trustee Bob Rowe BA ’77.