November 06, 2023

Staff Salon Builds Connection Across All Three Schools

This academic year, President Holmes-Sullivan is hosting a series of open-house-style staff salons at her home to build cross-campus connections and foster community.

More than 80 staff members were invited to attend Lewis & Clark’s first Staff Salon hosted by President Robin Holmes-Sullivan at the Cooley House on September 19.

“Staff Salons are part of a bigger initiative to build a stronger community of care,” President Holmes-Sullivan said. “Making Lewis & Clark the best place to work and learn is a key goal of mine. It’s all about appreciating and acknowledging the excellent individuals that make this place so special. The event also gives us a chance to leverage strength and collaborations across all three of our schools.”

See photos of staff attendees and read their comments about the event in this photo slideshow:

“The Staff Salons serve a few different purposes,” Special Assistant to the President Rachel Martinez said. “The event gives Robin an opportunity to get to know staff, it fosters community, and it provides an occasion for staff to meet and talk with other staff members they may not otherwise mingle with.”

The Office of the President plans to host three Staff Salons this year. The invitations are built by randomizing the current staff list to ensure a variety of positions, departments, and tenure at the college. Staff are encouraged to watch their inbox for upcoming events.