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  • Image preview September 18, 2017
    When you are able to see your doctor as often as you need to, without the challenges of getting into the office, you can practice better management of your medication, lifestyle, and any chronic conditions you might have.
  • Image preview September 11, 2017

    These special employee-only classes run approximately 45 minutes and have a $30 user fee. 

  • Image preview September 12, 2017
    At this moment, as the school year unfolds before us, Lewis & Clark joins with hundreds of other colleges and universities in the country in reaffirming our commitment to our students and our values of inclusion and support for the entire community.
  • Image preview September 5, 2017
    Please take a moment to configure your own emergency notifications setting.
  • Image preview August 22, 2017
    Beginning on September 1, viewing Google Group messages will be restricted to group members only. This directly impacts the availability of archived messages on a Google Groups’ website. This change will ensure that messages sent to a group are seen only by the intended audience.