April 01, 2024

February 2024 Board of Trustees Meeting Summary

The Board met February 15–16 for their regular winter meeting.

The special topic at the Board’s plenary meeting (as well as the focus of a faculty and staff panel at the Academic Affairs Committee) was Artificial Intelligence and its potential impacts on all aspects of the college, from the classroom to routine operations. The Campus Life committee participated in a discussion with Student Life staff members Michelle Callahan and Joann Zhang regarding student sexuality and gender.

In addition, the Board approved several resolutions:

  • The Board granted faculty emeritus honors to four retiring faculty members:
    • William Swindells, Sr., Professor of Natural Sciences and Department Chair Paulette Bierzychudek
    • Professor of Education Kimberly Campbell
    • Associate Professor of Counseling, Therapy, and School Psychology Carol Doyle
    • Professor of Counseling, Therapy, and School Psychology Peter Mortola
  • The Board approved an approximately $8.8 million capital expenditure budget for 2024-25. The approved capital budget dedicates 69 percent of funding towards deferred maintenance, IT updates, and related contingencies. These projects include HVAC or heating systems in Bodine, McAfee, Zehntbauer Swimming Pool Pavilion, Facilities and several residence halls; roof or envelope projects in Olin, Akin and the Manor House; and safety-focused projects such as improving accessibility of campus-serving bus stops and adding secure bike parking. Programmatic investments include funding for the final phase of the Huston Sport Complex renovation (with a permanent restroom structure) and seven projects dedicated to new equipment and space improvements for academic pursuits (ranging from an electric ceramics kiln to a carbon dioxide incubator). The Board also discussed the potential need to delay some of these projects if necessary for budgetary reasons.
  • The Board approved proposed 2024-25 tuition rates for the Law School and Graduate School of Education and Counseling. The increases will be 4.9 percent at the Law School and 3.5 percent at the Graduate School.

The final Board meeting of the academic year is in May.